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Drapery and Hardware

Drapery Styles

Window openings or sliding glass doors, residential or hospitality, Shades by Matiss has two great solutions for you with our customized Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold Draperies.

Pinch Pleat Draperies

Also known as French Pleat draperies, this is the more commonly used pleat style due to its cost effectiveness. The fabric is drawn into a pleat at the top and typically hung with drapery hooks that allow the drapes to easily slide along the hidden rod. While the more traditional choice, Pinch Pleat draperies can have a more contemporary look with the right fabric choice.

Ripplefold Draperies

Slightly more expensive than Pinch Pleat draperies, Ripplefold draperies offer the elegance of a beautifully consistent fold each and every time. With snaps that attach at the top hem and slide smoothly along the track, Ripplefold is the choice for less bulk combined with more view and natural light as the undulating wave pattern of the drapes collapses gently when opening. 

The ability to use fabrics with printed images on Ripplefold draperies without losing the representation makes them a favorite among modern interior designers. Likewise, the ease with which the panels can be cleaned or changed due to the snap tape header is the reason for their popularity in the hospitality field.

Made to Your Specs

Depending upon fabric choice, both drapery options can have either a 4” double-turned hem or a weighted, bottom-sewn Eurohem for the ideal drapery hang.

Our workroom uses Kirsch snap tape, suitable for 60%, 80%, 100% and 120% fullness, in one-way or split draw with baton or cord control and butt or overlap master.

Fabric Options

  • Ready drapery line – 15 fabrics, 44 SKUs

  • Sheer – 11 fabrics, 28 SKUs

  • Translucent (non-sheer) – 2 fabrics, 10 SKUs

  • Dim Out – 2 fabrics, 6 SKUs

*Non-sheer drapes are available with privacy or blackout lining. Sheers are unlined.


Shades by Matiss offers Kirsch’s Architrac commercial-grade heading track system for our popular Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold draperies. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, Architrac is both versatile and efficient. A small, yet strong profile, means smooth operation throughout whether you choose manual (cord or wand) operation or motorization.

Drapery motorization options include the Versa drapery motor (AC or battery powered) from Rollease Acmeda or Somfy’s motor range: Glydea Ultra 60 RTS AC, Irismo 35 RTS Wire Free.  


A leading quiet curtain motor, Glydea ULTRA is suitable for any project where silence is paramount. Multiple technology compatibility suits user control preferences and integrates with smart buildings and smart homes.

Drapery Textiles

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