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Expanded operations in the Midwest has led to increased capacity and faster delivery nationwide while positioning us for continued growth for many years to come.

In 1999 we began as a small fabrication and installation dealer covering the New York tri-state area. Today, hard work and attention to detail have made us a leading and respected fabricator nationwide.
Shades by Matiss provides stylish and reliable window coverings focused on increasing thermal and visual comfort to maximize the beauty of any room.
Our story
Shades by Matiss, Inc., is a nationally recognized manufacturer and fabricator or roller shades, window coverings and architectural window treatments based in Mountainside, NJ and Chicago, IL.
Our mission
Our vision
To continually create eco-friendly window covering options by considering optical and thermal fenestration properties together with advancements in technology.
Commitment to the environment
Stylish, reliable and environmentally responsible solutions that enable users to manage daylight and energy is why companies have chosen Shades by Matiss products to cover their windows, doors and skylights in the most recognized locations in NYC, Boston, Miami, Chicago and elsewhere.
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Where our products are featured
By thoroughly assessing the exposure of each individual job and recommending the appropriate fabrics, systems
and motors Shades by Matiss can play an important role in lowering energy consumption in that particular building.
In an industry that has historically relied heavily on plastic parts and PVC based fabrics, Shades by Matiss is working closely with our vendors to source more environmentally friendly components for our shading systems.
Starting with an increase in PVC-free fabrics from multiple vendors and adding fabrics that Almedahls has certified as Five-Zero-Green (5ZG) is a big step towards reduced carbon dioxide emissions.  
Rollease Acmeda’s Automate rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery motors eliminate the need to purchase and replace alkaline batteries which means fewer batteries in the landfill, not to mention the cost savings to the user. The ability to pair the motors with a solar panel and thus power the shades with the sun’s energy is another environmental plus.

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