Motorized blinds & shades appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for all indoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed blinds & shades give you the convenience to easily manage room lighting and privacy.

Control Your Space
Control Your Space
Line Voltage Motors

Let technology do the work and experience the benefits of smart living provided by the WireFree range. Effortlessly automate daily tasks and set timers to activate scenes for a lived-in look even when away from home. Explore the possibilities with a remote, app, or voice control.


The Sonesse® 40 Range with patent pending technology features a newly designed brake, rotor and gearbox to further reduce motor operating sound. Available in both RTS and wired versions, the Sonesse 40 can be used in a variety of interior window covering applications. The Sonesse® 40 range features 4 patents pending that reduce motor operating sound. The brake, rotor, and gearbox are all specially designed to absorb sources of noise. It's compatible with Somfy’s full range of controls and accessories including the Telis Modulis RTS, a hand-held remote with a scroll wheel exclusively designed for the precise control of blind slats.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Convenient solution for glare reduction and privacy

  • Superior performance, reliability and ease of operation

  • Close and open all window treatments with a single gesture

  • Smartphone and tablet app available for quick and easy control even while away

  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink


  • At the office or at home, silence is a key factor for well being. The Sonesse® range offers an added value of acoustic performance to quality and compatibility.

Energy savings

  • Reduce energy costs and protect furnishings from UV rays

  • Utilize timers to schedule daily open and close times

  • Add sensors that react to the sun's intensity & positioning

Details and Specifications

  • Quiet and Strong

  • Wide range of solutions
    - Great for interior as well as exterior applications, residential or commercial markets, RTS and wired options

  • Simplified fabrication and installation
    - Compatible with leading industry hardware solutions

  • Streamlined programming

  • Superior quality
    - Backed by 5 year warranty

*S45 compatible


Motorize a wide variety of window coverings to create the perfect environment and enjoy the peace and serenity provided by the Sonesse® ULTRA. It offers exceptional lifting capacity so you can enjoy powerful operation in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Continue your activities uninterrupted at home or work with the peaceful silent operation of motorized applications

  • Compatible with multiple control technologies so you can operate motorized applications with ease

  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink

  • Compatible with timers, sensors and the myLink™ app for automatic operation

Silent & Strong

  • Enjoy energy savings, privacy and glare reduction in a quiet atmosphere

  • Perfect for areas where silence is critical such as nurseries, bedrooms and offices

  • Our patented technology provides strong performance that allows for muliti-banding of up to six shades

Details & Specifications

  • ULTRA Powerful - Its superior torque of up to 6Nm allows the motor to be installed for almost any application on the market. Additionally, the high torque allows for a single Sonesse ULTRA to multi-band up to six shades.

  • ULTRA Quiet - Sonesse ULTRA 50 AC is packed with innovations and patented technologies that provide 6Nm of power and an acoustic performance of less than 38dB- the most powerful and quietest motor on the market.

  • ULTRA Flexible - available for a variety of control systems, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.


Altus® is suitable for pre- and post-construction opportunities and can be controlled with any Radio Technology Somfy accessory including hand-held remote controls, wireless wall switches and timers

Comfort & Convenience

  • Long range remote control doesn't require direct line of sight

  • Smartphone and tablet app available for quick and easy control even while away

  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized solutions by adding myLink

Energy Savings

  • Motorized rolling shutters can reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter by up to 40%

  • Motorized retractable awnings can reduce heat gain in the summer by 77% while in use

  • Motorized exterior screens can potentially block up to 90% of solar rays


  • Motorized rolling shutters provide a rigid protective barrier for your home, resistant to manual lifting. In addition, they protect your home from storm damage

  • Motorized retractable awnings and exterior screens not only shield your family from the sun, but offer a cool, comfortable outdoor living space

Details & Specifications

  • Plug and play motor with no need for costly wiring

  • Optional accessories available, when suitable, which provides obstacle detection to protect your belongings

*S45 compatible

Technical Specifications



Choose the best control device for your needs.
Compatible with other Somfy-powered products and smart home brands to provide you the ultimate in flexibility and performance.


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*S45 compatible

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