R Series by Rollease Acmeda


The most dependable roller shade clutches on the market
For almost 40 years, Rollease Acmeda R-Series clutches have been the market leader when it comes to reliability, dependability, and strength. With the R-Series clutch, Rollease Acmeda revolutionized roller shades, increasing their appeal and types of applications.

Our reputation for being the one by which all other clutches are compared continues today. Rollease Acmeda R-Series clutches are ideal for handling commercial applications or large weights standing up to heavy use time and time again offering smooth, uninterrupted lifting motion.

The R-Series distinctive design was worthy of a registered trademark. The internal spring arrangement distributes the interior forces evenly over the inner core to offer a smooth and durable pull. The ratio between the bead chain pulley and the shade tube creates a mechanical advantage that allows the pull forces to raise a shade to be less than the actual weight of the shade.

Features and benefits:

  • Heavy shades feel light - Multi-spring design for easy pull

  • Never needs adjusting - Manufactured to tolerances within .004” (0.1mm)

  • Shade stays secure in brackets - End plug bracket locking feature prevents slippage

  • Trouble-free performance - Fiberglass-reinforced resin PBT housing

Available in:

  • ​2 Color Finishes – White, Black

  • Exterior clutches also available (using stainless steel springs)

System Upgrades:

  • Cassette 80, Cassette 100 and Cassette 120 Systems

  • Contract Pockets, and Fascia

Product Options:

  • Galaxy and Spring Assist

Non stock system - the R series is for special requests only.


Clutch color finishes: white and black only

External hembar color finishes: white, vanilla, gray, brown, black

Architectural and F56 hembar: white and gray only

D30 and Edge side channel color: white, gray, black

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