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Modern Classics
This collection represents a sophisticated and clean look. Textures and refined patterns are dominating together with solid colors. Contrasting materials are vital in order to bring the right balance to a composition, such as opaque and transparent - matte and shiny surfaces.
Scandinavian Grace is one of our core design expressions to represent a modern look with focus on the natural, pure, classic, nuanced, unembellished, sophisticated and smart design.
Shades by Matiss Collection
Nature Study
Featuring our close relationship with nature both as a way of life a valued resource. We can see both abstract and structural patterns as well as print inspired from a worlds of plants, complimented by light and fluid influences.
Contract Creations
A clean look with focus on functionality and safety. A combination between raw and refined materials, organic and geometrical designs in interaction with architecture to create spaces for comfort and wellbeing.
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We combined the most popular solar screens and blackout fabrics in our Volume 3 and coordinated in 7 beautiful waterfalls. Volume 3 features Classics Screens, Decorative Screens, PVC Free Fabrics, High Performance, Exterior and Blackout Fabrics from Rollease Acmeda, Twitchell and Butler.
Other Books
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